Jessica Heafey

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About Jessica

Public Speaking Coach

Jessica coaches people to communicate more effectively. Whether it is preparing for a speaking engagement, a presentation, or an important meeting, her objective is to help you find your voice and to connect with your audience, no matter its size.

Jessica applies her twenty years as an in-demand actor, voice-over producer and coach to her craft. Combined with her background as a physical therapist, she works to ensure that your voice and body language support your message. She understands the importance of being prepared, present and spontaneous in front of an audience. Thanks to this broad range of skills, she is quick to adapt to each client’s needs to assist them in meeting their goals.

The skills Jessica teaches are transferable to situations big and small – a keynote speech to hundreds of people, just a few members of your team and even those informal and unexpected chats that happen in passing. She works with CEOs, non-profit leaders, lawyers, academics, and sales teams, guiding them to find their authentic voice. Her insight, warmth, humour, and positive approach make what can be a challenging task an enjoyable and comfortable experience.

 Jessica is fluent in English and French and lives on the unceded traditional territory of the Qayqayt First Nation (New Westminster) with her partner and young child.

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