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About Kim

Cross-cultural interpretation | Applied decolonization & lateral liberation | Nature & land-based education

Kim Haxton (Potowatomi) is from the Wasauksing First Nation in northern Ontario. She has worked across Turtle Island and abroad in various capacities but always with a focus on local leadership.

Her deep understanding of the need for genuine restoration has far-reaching implications as leaders seek vision and all people seek direction to address the mounting pressure of a system incongruous with the values of the natural world. Kim has developed and facilitated programs in more than 8 countries, and has been working in land-based education and leadership for the past 20 years.

She takes her place among thought leaders in the area of decolonization, particularly as it applies to language, art, economics and gender. She encourages the “lateral liberation” of consciousness by drawing from the embodied knowledge of Indigenous peoples. In multi-day workshops, she moves people through a personal process of questioning what is the truth and what is simply construct – effectively rupturing what we “know.” True expression of respect, harmony, inclusion, equity can come from this place.

Kim is in high demand with corporations and non-profit organizations who have come to trust her vision, wisdom and guidance. She provides one-on-one coaching with leaders from around the globe, creates workshops and delivers keynote addresses. Most notably, she is a storyteller and has an impressive collection of creative exercises to help move audiences from one developmental state to the next.

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