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About Parker

Group facilitation | Restoration & mediation | Inclusive masculinity workshops

Parker Johnson is a group facilitator, mediator, intercultural educator, and organizational change specialist who is committed to building just, equitable, diverse and inclusive organizations. With his diverse array of interests, skills and experiences, he brings deep-level understanding of intersectionality.

​Parker studied administration, planning and social policy at the Harvard University Graduate School of Education, and rounds out his education with practical application in mediation, coaching, intercultural communication and anti-oppression work.

Parker’s graduate work in diversity and inclusion focused on research, teaching, policy, curriculum development and organizational change. While Parker enjoys the rich, creative and transformative nature of theory and research, it’s their application which interests him most.

His understanding of organizational change and organizational effectiveness expanded in his employment equity role with the City of Vancouver. Over the course of 10 years at the City, he delivered inclusive and respectful workplace workshops, conflict mediation and investigations, along with employment outreach to diverse communities.

His specialty is post-secondary educational institutions where he counsels on both staff and leadership development as well curriculum revisions. As a workshop facilitator, he is a master at bringing concepts alive through the power of storytelling.

New to his portfolio is a men’s workshop on inclusive masculinity.

As an Elevate associate, Parker brings his unique knowledge, skills and experience to work, which he views more as a calling than a job.

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