Natasha Tony, CEO and Founder of Elevate Inclusion Strategies specializes in building inclusive organizations.

Natasha is committed to applying an intersectional, human rights, and reconciliation lens to all that she does. Her deep experience in mediation, negotiation and conflict resolution supports leaders in helping them navigate the stages toward sustainable inclusion.

Make your culture your competitive advantage.

High-trust, fully participative organizations go the distance. Attention to workplace inclusion will position your organization as a forward-thinking leader and a preferred employer.

Are you up against a situation that requires immediate action? Or developing enterprise-wide diversity and inclusion strategies? Trust the Elevate team’s experience and expertise to guide you.

Professional Development Programs for Film & Television

A sought-after labour relations specialist, consultant, leadership coach, award-winning trainer, and speaker, Elevate Inclusion Strategies Founder, Natasha Tony, has advanced the cultural shift toward greater inclusion in the film and television industry across North America.

Elevate’s signature training programs for film and television industry professionals are designed to give everyone on production the inclusive leadership and workplace skills needed to thrive and grow in their careers.

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Proven programs customized to your unique needs

Consultants in workplace restoration, diversity and inclusion, and respectful workplace programming. Our services improve your organization’s function in the areas of:

Culture of Inclusion

Steward cultures committed to continuous implementation of equity and inclusion.

Inclusive Leadership

Establish organizational priorities and goals and work with leadership to align actions with words in all decision-making.

Workplace Harmony

Support with issues such as bullying and harassment, sexual harassment, and accusations of discrimination.

Conflict Resolution

Skillfully mediate and facilitate conversations designed to escape the paradigm of “winners and losers.”

Psychological Safety

Train on the impacts on mental health caused by discrimination, unchecked harassment and other forms of workplace disharmony.

Employee Engagement

Design sessions that bring attention to how issues present in an organization and positive approaches for what to do about them.

Our whole team greatly benefited from the workshop led by Natasha Tony. Natasha elegantly wove context into the workshop, giving all of the participants a greater understanding and appreciation for diversity and inclusion as well as useful tools to implement in the future. The whole team at Elevate was great to work with and we look forward to the next workshop with Natasha and Elevate.

Erin Sharp, Head of Production, Banger Films

Natasha Tony has been a leader in the promotion of a positive culture shift in the Canadian Entertainment industry.

Damian Petti, President IATSE Local 212, International Vice President IATSE and Vice President of the Alberta Federation of Labour


Natasha is ahead of the curve in this work; incredibly effective at challenging people to get outside their comfort zones and learn.

Sussanne Skidmore, Secretary Treasurer, BC Federation of Labour



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