Engaging, foundational, advanced, customized.

Building Inclusive Organizations

By training your people, you make inclusion an organizational strength, and your organization will benefit from the inclusion of the diverse voices that reflect your market. 

Elevate’s acclaimed justice, equity, diversity and inclusion training is designed around the needs of each client. We offer foundational training as well as more advanced, in-depth courses, customized to the specific needs of each organization.

Our training can accommodate smaller groups right up to teams of 300 plus. We work across time zones and internationally.

Elevate’s training is currently delivered virtually by CEO and head facilitator Natasha Tony, and a team of skilled co-hosts.

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Elevate Training for Film & Television

Elevate Education: JEDI Foundations

Each session in this empowering series allows for entry points for learners new to the concepts of anti-racism and anti-oppression work and also offers deeper analysis for those familiar with these terms and realities. The series covers equity, diversity, and inclusion language and the core concepts of racism, anti-racism, White supremacy, colonialism, privilege, oppression, and discrimination. We then move on to awareness, allyship, justice, solidarity, and reconciliation. The sessions are engaging and interactive with opportunities for small and large group sharing as well as the use of videos, polls, surveys, online games, and interactive handouts.


This training is ideal for organizations who need their team members to develop a baseline of knowledge and understanding around anti-discrimination, unconscious bias, cultural awareness, justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (JEDI). The course is also of great benefit to organizations that are experiencing issues with maintaining a respectful culture and who wish to ensure the psychological health and safety of their team members.


This training is critical for Senior management, HR professionals, and board members who wish to gain insight into how unconscious bias may negatively affect their service, their organization, and the people within it. It is particularly helpful for individuals with a commitment to building a fairer recruitment system and ensuring that all employees enjoy the same opportunities for advancement and growth.


This empowering course is a great first step for CEOs, team leaders, board members and supervisors who wish to start developing and practicing critical inclusive leadership skills. The perspectives and tools gained during the training will harness the benefits of inclusion for both the leader and the entire organization. The training explores how to lead with inclusive leadership principles, covering topics such as cultural awareness, authentic communication, and conflict resolution strategies.


This program provides a deeper dive for senior leadership teams who are committed to making their organization inclusive. The program helps organizations adapt to new standards and new expectations and sets them up for success in an evolving world. It will guide their understanding of the scope of the work, and the preparation needed when integrating the concepts of equity diversity and inclusion into their operations and services. Leaders from national arts organizations, labour unions, law firms, creative industries and social justice organizations have started their JEDI journeys with this program.