professional development for Film & TV

Strategy and Implementation for Equity Initiatives

Professional Development and Skills Building

for Film and Television​

Elevate’s professional development and skills-building program for film and television is designed to give everyone on production the inclusive leadership and workplace skills needed to thrive and grow in their careers.

All key personnel, supervisors and crew members should have the opportunity to develop inclusive practices and to bring that knowledge and understanding to each production that they work on.

Elevate Inclusion Strategies offers foundational training as well as more advanced, in-depth courses customized to the specific needs of each studio, production company or union/guild.

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Programs for Studios & Productions

As the film and television industry strives to become more inclusive, all leaders, supervisors and crew members need the knowledge and tools to meet changing workplace expectations.

Programs for unions & guilds

When union members and leaders are trained to work inclusively it can reduce conflict and grievances, give everyone the opportunity to thrive and grow, and make production workplaces safer.