Inclusive Leadership and Conflict Coaching

Building leaders fluent in the principles and practices of inclusion.

Inclusive Leadership and Conflict Coaching

Elevate works with clients to build their cultural awareness, and their pathway to building an inclusive organization. With a view to restoration or mitigation, Elevate also supports clients who are in conflict or mediating conflict situations with, or within their team. 

Elevate supports clients in a variety of sectors: national cultural organizations, all levels of government, labour unions, small and medium sized businesses, and not-for-profit social justice organizations.


Significant organizational shift takes an authentic commitment to inclusive leadership. When that change requires new learning and ways of thinking, an expert coach is recommended. Natasha Tony prepares leaders for all stages of their journey toward building an inclusive organization.

Using her own inclusive practices, and with an intersectional lens, Natasha’s approach is to work with leaders to increase their cultural awareness, recognize the impacts of dominant culture on their organization, and build their own pathway to an inclusive culture. With coaching, leaders can anticipate organizational barriers and roadblocks and recognize the organizational strengths that they can use in this critical work.

 Leaders in film and television, national arts organizations, government at all levels, health services, labour, law, and more, trust Natasha to empower them to prepare for the transformative change involved in building inclusive organizations.


Although conflict is a normal part of human interaction and, if addressed effectively, can provoke healthy change, unaddressed conflict can create roadblocks, derail plans, and affect individual and team morale.

If you are in conflict or mediating conflict situations within your staff, executive, or board, Natasha’s conflict coaching will empower you with restorative practices to build and strengthen your team.

Natasha coaches her clients through conflict situations to identify the cause of the conflict. She also works with them to understand their feelings and responses to conflict, and to view situations from different angles with a view to resolution. She also skillfully prepares clients for challenging conversations or mediations and helps them develop long term mediation and conflict management tools and skills.