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“When the topic is inclusion and respectful workplaces, Natasha is our first choice.”

— David Rumley, Former Business Representative, IATSE Local 667 International Cinematographers Guild

Professional Development & Skills Building for Unions and Guilds

As the film and television industry strives to become more inclusive, union members and leaders need the knowledge and tools to meet changing workplace expectations. When members are trained to work inclusively it can reduce conflict and grievances, give everyone the opportunity to thrive and grow, and make production workplaces safer.

Film industry member, and labor relations specialist, Natasha Tony is a foremost expert on inclusion for film and television. She brings to her work 30 years of experience in the industry.

Her award-winning training is online, positive, and interactive, and has been taken by several hundred union and guild members across North America.

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Our Programs

  • Inclusive Leadership for Film and Television: Intensive Online Retreat for Supervisors and Leaders
  • Gender Equity for Film and TV
  • Inclusive Workplaces for Film & TV Workers
  • Intensive Conflict Resolution for Supervisors and Leadership
  •  Conflict Resolution for Film and Television Workers

​​Inclusive Leadership for Film and Television

2-Day Intensive Online Retreat for Supervisors and Leaders

Designed for leaders and supervisors, this collaborative, impactful two-day series equips participants with the knowledge and strategies needed to build productions and crews that are more inclusive.

Participants strongly committed to creating a respectful and inclusive workplace culture and who wish to develop intercultural communications and leadership skills will benefit most from the retreat.

Using a human rights and OH&S lens, topics include discrimination and harassment and its impacts, cultural awareness, unconscious bias, psychosocial health, and informal and formal grievance processes.

Following this foundational session, the retreat moves onto the knowledge and tools needed to empower crews with inclusive leadership practices. This includes examining workplace conflict through a restorative lens, inclusive hiring for film crews, authentic allyship, and the power of coaching and mentoring.

The training is interactive and includes self-reflective assessments, knowledge checks and discussion forums.

Two days back-to-back is advised.

Prerequisite: must be already working in a leadership capacity or in the process.

Gender Equity for Film and TV


This full-day session is designed for interactive and honest discussion on how to dismantle oppressive practices, build inclusive organizations, and champion change within the film and TV industry.

Led by industry professional and labour relations specialist, Natasha Tony, the training goes beyond mandatory compliance training to delve deeper into the issue of gender bias and discrimination. As well as addressing gender bias and discrimination at work, it includes an impactful look at gender bias on our screens — a topic that has the power to shift the thinking of writers, directors, producers and all senior decision-makers.

Prerequisite: must be already working in a leadership capacity or in the process.

​​Inclusive Workplaces for Film & TV Workers


Everyone has the right to work in a psychologically safe work environment free from discrimination, bullying and harassment, where people work collaboratively and cross-culturally. This full-day session will deepen film workers’ understanding of anti-discrimination, unconscious bias and cultural awareness. Using an OH&S lens, participants will complete the training with a knowledge and understanding of their roles and responsibilities in creating an inclusive workplace.

Training can be customized to meet each client’s needs.

Intensive Conflict Resolution for Supervisors and Leadership


This two-day intensive training is for leaders and supervisors committed to building productions that address and handle conflict in an authentic and inclusive way. After a review of the fundamentals of conflict resolution, attendees will have the opportunity to deepen their conflict resolution skills through interactive exercises and case studies directly related to the film and television industry. Debriefing sessions conclude the training.

The training covers cause of conflict, different conflict styles, as well as resolution and restorative practices. Participants will have an opportunity to practice their inclusive leadership skills by applying both mindful and collaborative approaches to difficult and high stakes conversations.

Conflict Resolution for Film and Television Workers


Designed for union members, trainees, and apprentices, this one-day course equips attendees with a foundational understanding of conflict in the workplace. Using inclusion principles, the training covers: Types of conflict, conflict styles, conflict resolution approaches, empathy and conflict, brave conversation, and mindful listening.

 As well as gaining a baseline knowledge of conflict resolution, participants will develop the practical skills and tools needed to navigate conflict authentically and productively. The training includes opportunities for peer group discussion, interactive exercises, case studies, and time to practice effective conflict resolution skills.

Prerequisite: must have completed the One-Day Inclusive Workplaces for Film and TV Workers

“Elevate has provided customized leadership and D&I training to DGC Ontario’s members, executive board, and senior staff in support of inclusionary thinking, management strategies in our workplaces, and within our organization. We can’t recommend them highly enough.”

— Victoria Harding, Executive Director, Directors Guild of Canada – Ontario

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